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Non-Selectable Characters
Any ideas on how to go about implementing this: -

Would it be possible to have a character available on the select screen, but make it so they are non-selectable?
So, they would be displayed as normal; that you can see them, check out their attires, spin them around etc., but you can't physically select them for a match.

I'm thinking for female managers and other non-wrestling characters.

If anyone is interested randymanfoo shared this solution with me (credit to alanchiz): -

Highlight the selection you want to make visible/non-selectable.
Copy the pointer loaded at 801596A8 and add 4B .

Make the value one of the following: -

0000 = Choice present

0001 = Choice removed

0004 = greyed out

0008 = present, but non-selectable

000C = greyed out more

Ultimately, my code will look something like this: -

D3077794 XXXX - When Wrestler ID is NOT highlighted
XXXXXXXX 0000 - Value is Present

D1077794 XXXX - When Wrestler ID is highlighted
XXXXXXXX 0008 - Value is non-selectable

The first activator allows you to move the cursor onto the Wrestler.
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