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Converting Long version of moveset in Moveset tool?
Is it possible to convert a moveset that has two part from one slot to a different slot? Every time I try to do this it doesn't work. For example if I try to convert  a Hulk Hogan moveset that is over the Rock that  has two parts and put it into the moveset tool to convert it to say Kane's slot it always ends up with it copying only the Rocks default moveset. I hope this makes some sense and someone has a fix for this issue.
Some things to check....

It must be the full version of a moveset (108 lines) and not the shorter version.
Make the two parts of the code into one. The last line of code usually ends with the value 8000.

Which version of WldFb's tool are you using?
Are you opening it in Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc?

Macros should be enabled. If it doesn't prompt you to enable them, you must go into the settings and enable them yourself.
It is also still possible to convert the non-full versions of the moveset codes using WaylonMercysHands's Shortened-to-Full Moveset Converter tool.

Once you have converted the shortened code back into the full code, you can then use the 3rd version of WldFb's moveset tool to convert the code over to a new slot like Orson mentioned.
There's a lot for me to look at here guys. Thanks for the info. I'm using v3 for converting movesets as v2 doesn't seem to have that feature. V3 for some reason doesn't let me edit movesets so I gotta use v2 for that lol. I open it in Excel.  I found a lot of movesets on this site:   but some are shorter than others, some longer etc.
Ahh, I didn't know about WaylonMercysHands's tool. Nice.

Bluntfello, you should see the code change as you enter the Base Address. If it doesn't it could be that macros aren't enabled.
A quick Google search should show you how to enable them.

If this doesn't work, you could always install Open Office (Calc), which I think is what WldFb used to make the tool... and is free.
If the moveset code is exactly 108 lines long, then it is a full moveset code and it does not need to be extended and you can just skip to the wrestler slot conversion. If the code is any amount less than 108 lines long, then it is a shortened moveset code (in order to save GameShark code space) and you will need to use the tool that I mentioned by WaylonMercysHands to increase it back to the full 108 lines.

From there, you can move onto using WldFb's moveset tool in order to convert the moveset to any wrestler slot you want. Make sure that you are using Version 3 of the tool because it has all of the needed features and a few bug fixes that the earlier versions did not have. Also as Orson said, use Open Office instead of Microsoft Excel. This tool will not work if you are using Excel. You need Open Office for it to work.

The movesets that you found on the No Mercy Library forum should work if you use these steps to convert them. I have used this method in the past on a side project that I am working on and it was all able to work for me.
Thanks guys. I have noticed that when you edit a default moveset in the moveset tool you get a longer code. I guess that's what happens when you edit stuff that isn't in caw mode like wrestler logic and all that other stuff.
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