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UFC 64
[Image: lCYxf8o.png]

I've been wanting to create a N64 UFC mod for quite some time. I have noticed there aren't really many MMA mods around, and the VPW2 engine is perfect to simulate combat sports. I'd like to focus on heavyweights and include current and past UFC fighters, as well as some MMA legends that are already in the VPW2 game. Here is the roster that I'm considering:


Shamil Abdurakhimov
Curtis Blaydes
Chris De La Rocha
Junior dos Santos
Damian Grabowski
Luis Henrique
Francis Ngannou
Alistair Overeem
Marcos Rogerio de Lima
Stefan Struve
Marcin Tybura
Alexander Volkov


Sam Alvey
Alessio Di Chirico
Nate Marquardt
Eric Spicely


Don Frye
Tsuyoshi Kohsaka
Bas Rutten
Kazushi Sakuraba

Thoughts??? If there is anyone that could help with the hacking that would be great too. I'd love to get an octagon into the game somehow, be able to create female fighters, and even do little things like be able to make a belt that isn't mirrored. Stay tuned!
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[Image: 56L81Ei.png]

I'll start things off with a dangerous Russian heavyweight, Shamil Abdurakhimov. He's currently active and in the UFC rankings. I'll try to post regular updates and more fighters soon!
[Image: O8TT3RD.png]

This is Sam Alvey, he recently made the move up to light-heavyweight. Unfortunately he is now on a four-fight skid and will likely be released from the UFC soon. He makes it into this mod nonetheless.
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[Image: rj6bDZL.png]

Next up we have top heavyweight contender Curtis Blaydes. He possesses elite wrestling skills that will likely earn him a title shot at UFC gold in the near future.
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Very neat idea. I remember a VPW2 MMA mod from back in the day, although I don't know if anybody ever archived it. Some criticism on the textures:

- I'd work on a hi-res base texture. "Bases" in texture modding usually refer to a set of images, usually high resolution, of skin textures. Your face work looks pretty good, and the "whole package" will probably look better if you do that, as the mix of the original AKI 16 bit textures and your work looks quite off.

- The title screen logo looks low quality. Was that because of original image? Or is it the size of each little texture. I'd bet on the latter, and if that's the case, you might want to resize those, you can probably get an HD title screen out of that.

(06-23-2020, 12:54 PM)Galactus Wrote: If there is anyone that could help with the hacking that would be great too. I'd love to get an octagon into the game somehow, be able to create female fighters, and even do little things like be able to make a belt that isn't mirrored. Stay tuned!
- Octagon: Probably requires a lot of advanced polygon hacking, possibly rom hacking, going by the old (unstable) Six Sided Ring for No Mercy.
- Females: Would probably require decompiling the game and a lot of advanced shit, because the game as is only has one gender available, as you know.
- Belt that isn't mirrored: The one thing that is on the realm of possibility of a code, I think. But personally I wouldn't know how to go about it.
Thanks for the comments, always great to hear some input!

To answer your questions, yes, the title screen was developed using the smaller textures. This was one of the first screens I worked on before I realized I could increase the size of the textures to enhance the quality of the image. I never went back to it as it never bothered me (I only see the screen for a second while uploading the ROM and never give it much thought). Now that you've brought it to my attention I may just have to revisit this. 

When I first started modding, I really just wanted recognizable features on MMA fighters (usually just faces and trademark tattoos). As I got further into it I added more details like customized shorts, MMA gloves, etc. The skin details may be the next step in this natural progression.

That's too bad about the octagon and the female body types. I know I've seen other posts alluding this may be a possibility, but I think you're right and it would involve some considerable ROM hacking that is beyond my comprehension. I'd gladly settle for a belt that isn't mirrored - I find when I'm modding belts they just don't look right at all and it frustrates me to no end. The UFC championship ends up looking like the 'UAU' championship...

[Image: pcHdJJq.png]

Alright this is definitely a more obscure UFC heavyweight, his name is Chris De La Rocha and he may have retired by now. His last fight was a couple years ago and he has been inactive ever since, but here he is in the mod.
[Image: ja0RMTh.png]

Alessio Di Chirico is an Italian middleweight prospect in the UFC; I believe he has a fight coming up later this summer. I'll try to focus on some MMA legends in my next posts!
[Image: 9nCemVG.png]

I just had to include this legendary UFC heavyweight in my mod, as he is one of my favourite fighters. Now in the twilight of his career, Junior dos Santos is still capable of the vicious knockouts he was once known for.
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[Image: 32h1feb.png]

These two heavyweights aren't actually in the UFC anymore, they are both now fighting for the Polish based KSW promotion. Poland's Damian Grabowski (red shorts on the left) made his UFC debut later in life, but Brazil's Luis Henrique is still young enough to make his way back to the UFC one day.
[Image: FzvQSAH.png]

I've been doing some work on the arenas in the game.. It's too bad there is no octagon but this is the next best thing. I chose to do a Covid-19 theme with the crowd. I think it actually turned out better this way, it feels like everything is more symmetrical. Anyways this is how audiences will look from now on, so it only adds to the realism in the game!
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