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(Robot MPire: Overload 2) NextWave Tournament Applications
[Image: 73263Banner%20(Series%204)%20GTM.png]
Disclaimer: Series 4 logo is shown as Overload 2 is still in the planning stages. Series 4 will begin airing November 2019.

Robot MPire is an e-robot combat show that started on the now-defunct MPire Mall. It is based on the robot combat television show, Robot Wars. The main series is a single-elimination tournament, whereas the side-series dubbed Overload, features a variety of side-events and exhibition competitions. Whilst Overload 2 is still in the planning stages, it has come to an agreement with Nextwave 64 to feature you.

How? Overload 2 is going to hold a Nextwave 64 side-event with a robot built by you (rules provided below, see Application Rules). For your robot to be featured more than once and based on the amount of entries, the event will be one of two options: double-elimination, or round robin.

You can download Robot Arena 2: DSL 2.2 right here. This will be the game used for the series. A step-by-step video tutorial for building will come soon. For now, if you have any questions, contact me via the Nextwave 64 Discord server, or my account privately which is also found there.
          There have been reports of multiple crashes, so just in case, I have some solutions. Putting the game into compatibility mode for Windows 2000 and allowing admin mode solved this for me. Potential crashing may involve looking at the bot list in Imports for too long, choosing a robot for too long for a match, wiring your robot in the Wiring tab of Bot Lab.
                    Crashing while you're in the Bot Lab causes your robot to be permanently lost. To avoid this happening, keep exiting the Bot Lab and re-entering editing the robot, as that reacts as a save-point in its current state.

If you have made a robot that you wish to send me, go the Team page that you made it in, highlight the robot and select Export. In the game directory, there is a folder named Robot Designs, and the robot that you made should now be in there. That is the robot file you will be sending.

There are some robots that I have provided in the [in-game] Bot Lab for your examples, and entertainment. There is a member here, Champion Gamer, who has previously featured in a Robot MPire series. His entry Call of the Champion appeared in the second series.

Application Rules

The robot that you apply must be built by you, and not an edit of a robot from the AI folder, nor any from the Game Designs folder (sub-folders included).

Your robot must follow IRL procedures. This means that it must look like it can be built in reality. For examples, see robots from Robot Wars, BattleBots, and King of Bots.
          I have every right to decline your entry if it does not meet specification. That does not however mean that you're banned from continuing to enter. I will provide info on why it was declined, so you can edit and improve your robot. If you need any help, feel free to contact me or perhaps another builder.

You can only send one robot. You can send me your robot through Nextwave 64 messages, or for the better option, the Nextwave 64 Discord server.
          Because of the multiple events that're taking place during the series, you may send me another robot for any of the other yet-to-be-confirmed events. Other events may include the weight-based tournaments, tag team matches, annihilations (a 6-way melee which have six 3-way qualifiers), and many more.
                    For tag team matches, you are allowed to collaborate with another builder (myself included) to form a tag team entry, if you wish to.

There is currently no deadline for entries, as Overload 2 is still in the planning stages. Series 4 will finish airing in early-2020, meaning entrants for Overload 2 will begin following its completion.

Titanium Sheet and HalfSheet are banned.
          One of the following per robot: MechaVore disc (either size), Minion disc (either size), frenZy hammer, Moros blade.

Your robot can be upgraded, until the end of the deadline for entries.
          You are allowed an unlimited amount of upgrades to your robot.
                    Sending a new robot is allowed, but it will replace your previous applied robot to the event that it was previously assigned to.

There is a cheat in-game when naming your robot in the Bot Lab. writing "cheatbot2" and pressing enter, grants you access to the hidden components.


The following is a list of legal components for your robot:

If you are unsure about signing up for Overload 2, I have for you an exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming series 4. Here are some raw recordings of selected matches as a preview of what to expect from your experience in Robot MPire:

Good luck to everyone, we hope you have a fun time, and of course we hope to see you in the arena soon!

Thank you.
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I've noticed the "Wheels" tab is crashing, my apologies. Make sure to download the bugfix file here and move/extract the folder to the "components" folder and replace the existing "wheel_slipperbottom". This will fix the crash. Thank you.
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