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Looking for some help
I'm new to this so before I get to the questions, here is a few details so you know where i'm going with this.
  • I have just learned how to change textures and I was looking to learn some more advanced things.
  • So I made a texture for Kurt angle for when he removes his straps from his shoulders before doing his finisher like in day of reckoning 2
so here are my questions, in No mercy, you know how Mankind pulls out Mr.Socko and it is active for the entire match until it is over? 

Is there any way I can make a similar code that works like that but backwards for an example Kurt Angle's attire change to a specific attire during a match when I activate a certain taunt or a move set?

Same goes for when I choose The Rock and use The People's elbow, whatever is on his right arm auto switches to none at a certain frame of the move? Until the match is over?

I thought this would be a cool idea since i recently took a trip down to memory lane playing day of reckoning 2. I looked everywhere on different forums but couldn't find anything

If this is possible, what tools would I need to get started?
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