Damage based on Spirit/Attitude difference between players
This is pretty interesting. Well, sort of. As you all probably know, the bigger the difference in you and your opponent's Spirit/Attitude, the more damage will be dealt to the opponent that has the much lower amount of Spirit/Attitude. This caught me off guard, because I thought the additional amount of damage dealt from this was using a multiplier, but to my surprise it does not. It just gives you additional points of damage, being up to 5 (8 if you go far beyond your spirit's normal limits). I tested this out in Revenge using a couple of different moves.

Let's say 1P's spirit is B6 (182; extremely close to flashing red) and 2P's spirit is 5A (90; extremely close to "danger!"). The difference is 5C (or 92), so 1P will deal 5 additional points of damage to 2P (The Scoop Slam will go from dealing 10 damage to 15, The Running Elbow Smash will go from dealing 18 damage to 23).

Now let's say 1P's spirit is A1 (161; spirit meter is yellow), while 2P's is 73 (115; spirit meter is cyan). The difference here is 2E (or 46), which is half of the previous example's difference. 5 divided by 2 = 2.5, but in hexadecimal, anything after the decimal point is negligible, so the amount of additional points of damage given will be 2.

As expected, this also stacks with the damage difference multiplier.

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