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HIAC not appearing transparent
Hi All,

hoping someone can help me. Every texture in my game load just fine. Except for the HIAC. 

I think this has something to do with rice settings. Or something else I need to download to make Project64 load large textures.

I just get a grey wall all around as seen in the attachment.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=11]

This used to work perfectly then my computer broke. So I've managed to repair everything back to its original glory except this.

Anyone have any ideas?

Kind Regards

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.png   WWF No Mercy-2.png (Size: 372.08 KB / Downloads: 32)
I've tried several settings now. Downloaded the 4gb patcher. Nothing works.

Anyone had the same problem? It's the only texture I can't get to load properly and I'm fairly sure it's because it's an especially large texture.

I remember when this code first was released there was something to download or some special settings to make it work.

It would help if we knew where you got this from, specifically.
It’s d-generation-x’s original code. It was from no mercy zone when it was active. I haven’t played showdown but I imagine it’s the exact same code and graphic
After a week of searching I found the problem.

Just for anyone who might encounter the same thing.

I was using Mudlord's rice plugin 6.1.3

The graphic will only load with Mudlord's rice plugin 6.1.4

Working perfectly now!
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