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Index Wrestling Texture Resources
As promised before, the General Texture Resources from other games.

(Individual Downloads)
All Stars (PS2)
Day of Reckoning Textures
Day of Reckoning 2 Textures
Lucha Libre AAA Heroes Del Ring Textures
RAW 1 Textures by HIW
RAW 2 Textures by HIW, Luke and FPD
SD2! Textures Part1 by WCW Rick (Incomplete)
SD2! Textures Part 2 by WCW Rick (Incomplete)
TNA iMPACT! (Xbox 360) Impact Zone Textures
WM X8 Textures
WM 2008 Templates
WM 21 Textures

Now for something new, a texture collection originally made by RaVeN-Roulette in a 7zip file, now easily accesible through Google Drive, no need to download everything if you don't want to. It includes 17 Games and 400+ Wrestlers, from Day of Reckoning up to WWE 2K17 including other companies (AAA and TNA for an instance), more information on the spoiler. I will try to get his Yakuza 6 textures here soon. I also plan on updating this with texture from newer games and some that are missing, if possible. Enjoy!

Games and Wrestlers included:

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