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Index Tutorials, Resources and Tools
A W.I.P Index made with the intention of updating Keson's abandoned Resources Archive.

[Image: 2iiP1Aq.png]

Modding Starter Kit V.3
Orson's Bumper Box of Broken Wrestlers
Jcsix's finished & partial mods
Super Luigi's Unfinished Mods
PsychoGirl's Resources
nWo mark's Folder O'Goodies
DSTD's Unfinished Wrestlers
Big Templates Folder. Full of lots of random stuff, credit still needs to be sorted.
Hiw's Templates
Ramfan22890's Templates
Snyper's Full Body Templates
Snyper's Modding Tools
Snyper's Knee Pad Textures
Striker's Hi-Res Skin Pack
CM's Templates
kcaz T-Shirt Template
Mondo's Blood Templates
Beard's PSD by Mondo (I think)
Torso and Arm Templates (Not sure who made them)
Tank Top by Snyper/kcaz
El Guapo's Game Save Template
Modding Starter Kit V.2

[Image: OhXYxQe.png]

Compilation of AKI Style Tutorials
Chuckiepk's Project 64 Settings
Snypernfsu2's Last Resort Face Tutorial (Partially Restored)
Android Texture Mod Creation Tutorial

[Image: eH2xi2f.png]

Hacking Starter Kit V.2
S.K.'s AKI Animation Calculator
WldFb's 4P Move Converter
WldFb's Moveset Editor V.3 (Open Office format)
Stubb's No Mercy Roster Tool
Easy Spirit Meter Code Generator by RandyManFoo
Tag Team Entrance Code Creator by WaylonMercyHand
Code Generator by WaylonMercyHand
Move Damage Information
Poly Hack Converter by Jordyad
VPW2-to-No Mercy moveset converter by WaylonMercyHand
Toki Tool by TKS
Multiple Special Tool by querilla
Hexit Calculator
WldFb's Moveset Editor v2 (Eng)

[Image: dQxbBuR.png]

Barskio's Guide for move hacking, very comprehensive and detailed!
S.K.'s Arena Hacking Guide
Keson's Basic Move Splicing Tutorial
Wolfpac_69's Attire Hacking Tutorial
Keson's WldFb Moveset Editor Tutorial
Keeping Move Hacks Always On Tutorial by WldFb
Orson's No Mercy Roster Tool Tutorial
El Guapo's Cheap Guide to Specific Arenas
Barskio's Notepad files, full of useful info Hacker's need!
Addys/Values (Formely JamStubb's Archive)
Adding Pins, Submissions and Repeated Animations
Unused Graphic Addys, compiled by barskio
Exporting Models between AKI Games
Repeating Moves Last Longer
Special Ground Attack Guide
Ring Area Properties
Rope Color Guide
(Old School)
Making Moves Tutorial
Hacking Dictionary/Guide/Terminology
Toki Mods 1, 2 & 3 Guide
Hacking Moves from Scratch (Unused Slots)
Adding Pins to Non-Pinning Moves Guide
Attire Addresses and Values by Hackamaniac
Other Applications for Damage Mods Guide
Special Running Attacks Guide

99% of this work was done by Keson, I only updated some links, removed dead ones and added some new relevant content. Other Wrestling games textures coming soon.
Thank you this awesome
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