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[WIP] Virtual Pro-Wrestling 64 English Translation
With Virtual Pro-Wrestling 2 being translated and hacked, now's probably as good of a time as any to get Virtual Pro-Wrestling 64 translated into English as well.

WIP shots from 2019/04/03:
[Image: 4GF8APw.png]
[Image: TXL3WCC.png]
[Image: Ci0jTil.png]
[Image: jwT7cve.png]
[Image: RNBSmf1.png]
[Image: YFPxojf.png]

There will be two patches: one with the fake names, and one with the real names. Licensed characters will retain their real name in both patches.

Various issues still need to be taken care of. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Translating the rest of the text
  • Modifying the pointers to said text in order to get more space
  • Making sure the fake and real names are correct
  • Eventually minimize space required by wrestler definitions
  • Dealing with the pause menu only liking EUC-JP/full-width characters
  • Dealing with various string storage (SRAM and Controller Pak) issues (doesn't play nice with ASCII right now)
  • Making the items on the bottom part of the Options menu slightly wider
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Cool, will this play only on Project64 2.1, like the VPW2 patch or just only on Project64 1.6 as I can't get the game to run on 2.1??
I never played this game but i would love to see in English.
Oh yes!! I can't wait to play with this! This is really awesome, man. ^_^
is this still being worked on?
No. Someone else complained that I was spreading myself too thin with regards to projects, so I decided to shelve it.

You might want to check out the Star Trinket VPW64 translation if you haven't already.
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