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Tools WM2K Move Converter
I've been (very ocasionally) working on this for two years now, I figured it's on a stable enough state that it's selfish to not release this "preview" copy. It currently has Basic Move Spliting, Distance, Height, Left/Right available (although aside from Move Spliting, I haven't tested the other options in-depth, along with the Wrestler Specific addresses, so it might not work, keep that in mind). 

Made for OpenOffice, and huge credits to whoever made the No Mercy and VPW2 tools, specially the second (which I believe were made by Wldfb? I need to confirm). Might make a tutorial on how to use this soon, although Keson's Move Splicing tutorial and any distance tutorial for No Mercy should be enough, you just need to consider that the addresses are different.

[Image: RjYdTJf.png]

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I'll have to check this out when I have some free time
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