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Attempting to "re-create" the Martial Arts style from VPW64, Revenge, and VPW2
Not sure if I can do this, but I'm about to attempt the near-impossible (if not, COMPLETELY impossible): Bringing back the Martial Arts Wrestling style from previous AKI games. So far, I've only managed to get the little shove animation (before doing the strikes), but after that, both the attacker and their opponent go straight to their idle animations. I know most of (if not all) the strikes (and their respective animations) during the strike combination have been removed in No Mercy, so I'm gonna use strikes that are already in the game.

Before I officially get started with this, does anybody have any tips and/or ideas on how to insert the strikes after the shove animation?
This is the code that replaces your Front Strong Grapple B Move with the Martial Arts Shove:
D115AF50 0xxx
D115AEC6 0051
81090FFA 3296
D115B2A8 0xxx
D115B21E 0051
81091442 3296
D115B600 0xxx
D115B576 0051
8109188A 3296
D115B958 0xxx
D115B8CE 0051
81091CD2 3296

xxx = Wrestler ID

Now where do I go from here? Not sure, but it's progress, right?

Also, when you do this shove, the damage, spirit, and reversals are not affected (as soon as your opponent successfully counters the shove, it will go right to the reversal of the move the shove is in place of)
D115AF50 0xxx
D115AEC6 0051
81090FFA 3296
810ABC18 00BC

This right here automatically links to your Strong Striking move (B + Pad), but the opponent can easily counter your strike (since he/she will not be put in a dazed state after the shove)

1P only
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