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Virtual Pro-Wrestling 2 freem Edition
[Image: promo-20200128.png]

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of AKI Corporation's Virtual Pro-Wrestling 2, a new version of the VPW2 freem Edition hack has been released.

Major highlights of this release:
  • Moveset edits for 30+ wrestlers.
  • Randymanfoo converted three WCW/nWo Revenge songs to use the VPW2 instruments.
  • Added a screen to the boot sequence
along with many other changes.

You can grab the patch from the usual location.
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here you go with videos from the new jan 28th 2020 update

Hello freem! Great work as always on this project! However in the current version of your mod, I noticed a bug in Rikidozan's move-set while I was watching his match with The Destroyer. I noticed when he tried to do his strike combinations, both him and Destroyer phased through each other while doing non-damaging chops. I wanted to see if this bug occurred with other wrestlers with the Fighting Style, so I used Misawa, Kawada, and Inoki, and none of them have this bug. Then when I went to Rikidozan's move-set, I went under the "Appeal" tab and saw that his Fighting Stance was set to "none." I believe this was very unintentional, seeing as "none" isn't even an option.
Yup, this is a known bug. I ran into it when updating Goldberg and AKI man's movesets, but forgot Rikidozan. It'll be fixed in the next version.
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Oh okay man! Thanks for the heads-up! ^_^
Got a match for you all!
Here's some more for ya:
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