Hello boys and girls, here I am again to announce some of the recent updates that have happened (and you might or might have not noticed) and some that are still to come, soon:

November Announcements

1. Two new themes were recently added, the "Notebook Sketch" and the "Shadow of a Setting Sun", the later being really interesting because of it's exclusive feature: it has a Night Mode! So any of you who feel that the other themes are too flashy for your eyes in the night time, you might enjoy this one!

2. We are currently working on a sister site. Expect news about it soon.

3. The Inaugural NextWave 64 Awards should be coming soon.

4. Halloween might have passed by a few weeks now, buuut, you all might enjoy perhaps making your own custom Halloween Havoc Pay-Per-View card with the new project with an installer: WCW Starcade 64 by Loco! You can find it on the TinyPortal's download section.

Note: Both TinyPortal and the other Download sections are temporary, as both are very buggy, I'm currently looking for a reliable way for every member to be able to upload stuff here.
(11-16-2018, 08:47 PM)KWG link Wrote:  2. We are currently working on a sister site. Expect news about it soon.

3. The Inaugural NextWave 64 Awards should be coming soon.

Well, good news, not only are there going to be 2 sister sites, but one of them is already finished, and ready for release:

This is our own "Cloud Storage Drive" service (like Dropbox or Google Drive) called BeDrive, as I realised recently as I was organizing some old OSR content, that besides the more known uploading services that ended (Megaupload), other sites have died since, and it's content might very well be lost (Minus), and considering the content the community lost to this or boards ending over the years, I decided it was time to figure out a place where we can personally asure the files won't be lost to time. And there you go, it currently has it's limitations (limit of 256mb for each file uploaded, but on the positive side, you can upload a looot of content there, each account has about 5GB of space for free).

Progress has been slow recently due to the staff's real life commitments, but progress was (and is!) still being made. Hope you guys enjoy it!
By popular demand, today, we are publicly launching our Patreon (in conjunction with AKI Live), in which you have a variety of tiers to pledge for, and our Teespring Store, in which you can directly support a project.

All the proceedings will go to either Nextwave 64, AKI Live, or the people behind an specific project in question (i.e. there's a Showdown t-shirt, the proceedings would go to the Showdown team to divide).

(If you have any questions or want your content/project sponsored, contact me via PM or Discord to see if it's eligible)

P.S.: You aren't buying projects, nor do you have any power over them by donating, this is just a donation to see a secret section to get Early Access or beta test W.I.P.s, and contribute with the content creators if you feel the generosity to do so, all of the projects in those sections will eventually be released for free.

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