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WM2000: Light Heavyweight Belt
It's only fair that the Light Heavyweight Belt gets put back into WrestleMania 2000.

It's selectable underneath the Women's Title.

[Image: ikNuXUK.png]
[Image: AX9I8sT.png]
[Image: guzcKkm.png]

Unlock All Belts
813404B6 FFFF
What are the rest of the titles suppose to be lol!! I know the 3rd one is the Hardcore title but everything else?? I don't have a clue lol!!!

Good job btw, looking to see if your able to put the other titles on there (WCW, nWo, etc.)!!
The order is:

Smoking Skull (Unlockable)
World Heavyweight
Light Heavyweight (Hidden)
Damn, didn't even know you could unlock the Skull Belt and I've did a playthrough of the game lol!! Thanks for the info man!!
I think you have to win RTWM with Stone Cold.
A pink strap? Ugly, yet cool
The red version of the belt was in use at the time the game is based on.
nice work SK!!! love the codes where we dont have to replace anything!

[Image: u9MkvCa.png]
actually double checking if you win the smoking skull belt then this code doesnt work anymore. im guessing because this utilizes that hidden spot reserved for the smoking skull even though its up top and the lightweight is at the bottom. so now having ths smoking skull theres no more spots open "by the code" to add it.
Any chance you can upload a save with the Smoking Skull unlocked? I couldn't test it with the Smoking Skull as it was a mission to unlock it and there was no code.
Updated the first post. Instead of all those lines, I've managed to find the address that unlocks all the belts including the Light Heavyweight Belt.

813404B6 FFFF
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