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WWF Legends 2.1
Check to make sure that the ROM directory is pointing to the location on your computer: -

File / Choose ROM Directory

Also, check that the directory paths aren't set to something different to the setup on your computer: -

Options / Settings / Directories

These are settings that we can't determine as people keep different setups on different computers.
Heya, ok so I was playing this mod earlier and the music was working perfect, and I am on windows 10 so the offset should never change, but every time after that 1st startup the tool just doesn't work anymore, it always says wrong offset, but I always come up with the same numbers with the calculator so I never have to change the numbers not sure what's goin on with is, everything else works perfect so...
Check that there are no more than one instance of Project 64 (or the Music tool) running at any one time.
Within Task Manager (Ctrl / Alt / Delete).

Occasionally when closing them down, Project64 likes to hang on, causing the Music Tool some confusion.

I'll have a think about other possibilities that might be causing your issue.
Lol well that was it, TY that was so confusing. also does the championship mode work yet?
(09-13-2020, 08:06 PM)Orson Wrote: If you are using WWF Legends, the code should already be included.

To check, see if you have a cheat listed as LEGENDS\Sound\Interface/Music Tool

If it's not there, you might be using the wrong cheat file, or you can use right mouse button to add it as a new cheat.
(09-14-2020, 04:45 PM)Orson Wrote: Are you having trouble getting the music tool to work?
Solved everything thanks.
(09-22-2020, 09:02 PM)Denny316 Wrote: Lol well that was it, TY that was so confusing. also does the championship mode work yet?

Not in this version, no. 
We are looking into implementing it into the next release.
Ok awesome, thx, any ideas on a timeframe for the next release, and will there be more wrestlers as well?
Definitely more wrestlers; plus a bunch of other new stuff.

I don't know about a timeframe. These things take a long time.
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(nevermind i installed to the C: and it worked thanks !!!   we want the rockers hehee) :P

wondering how to have  the young stalion , lod , and the others ?
The Placeholders are quick mods that act as fillers until the official mods are made, so the quality isn't up to Iccotracs' standard.
They can be found at the AKI Live forum, but you would need to learn how to install them and create your own movesets etc.
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