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RandyManFoo's WWF No Mercy Overhaul 2.0
Alright everything is done! not really any new hacks like I wanted, but I can always add some in the future.
This save is all original attires re-textured, I'll make an add on in the future containing a handful of extra attires you unlock in SDMall (Like Mankind's old shirt, HHHs DX Attire, yadda yadda)

Contains a ton of fixes from V1 and just about everything I left out of it.
All menus, VS screens, blood, entrance attires, Trons (SDMall and In-game), arenas, crowd, pyro, backstage areas, updated portraits and more I can't think of. AND AUDIO!
I've remade all original menu music.

NOTE: Download the updated cheat file by itself if you already have the full save. I also updated the full save with the new cheat file.

Cheat File Update contains 4P conversion for all moves and a handful of additional move updates

RandyManFoo's NM Overhaul 2.0 (Textures, Cheat, and .fla):

Music Files & NMThing:

If you're doing everything properly and you still can't load all the textures, THIS spoiler may help!

-  -- --

Thanks to Dafamily for the preview video. It previews almost everything in the overhaul!

-  -- --
Thanks for this. Some of these are great.
Download added to the original post. Hope everyone digs it!
Nice bro, will make videos whenever I get the chance!! That will probably make you finish it lol Wink
Awesome, thanks!
here is the first of many epic matches to come bro, loving the new specials BTW Wink
I remember when this game came out I was hoping the specials would have newer animations than WM2000. Thanks to hacking I was able to make them the way I day dreamed they should have been when I was a kid. Thanks for the vid. I may actually add more to this texture pack. : )
here is another one for you guys:
I just realized that I didn't include the .fla so there are a handful of textures not showing up, because I changed a hand full of things. (Farooq and D-von's hair shape and more). I'm updating a bunch already, so ill be sure to include it in the next release. It'll also include the entrance music files for stubbs' NMthing. Unless those files aren't allowed on this forum?
What I like the most about this mod is the fact he actually updated the Interface. Yes, some of the wrestlers looked unfinished, but I've never seen updated titantrons or arenas 0_0
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