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WM2000 Generic Main Menu Codes
Wanted to make the main menu for WM2000 lose all those WWE references for a project I was messing around with, and figured out how to make the changes I needed to the menu text. Figured I'd drop it here if anyone else was ever interested.

KINGoftheRING to Tournament:

810FEFAC 2332
810FEFAE 2332
810FEFB0 546F
810FEFB2 7572
810FEFB4 6E61
810FEFB6 6D65
810FEFB8 6E74
810FEFBA 0023
810FEFBC 3223
810FEFBE 0032

Royal Rumble to Battle Royal:

810FEFC4 4261
810FEFC6 7474
810FEFC8 6C65
810FEFCA 2052
810FEFCC 6F79
810FEFCE 616C

RoadtoWrestleMania to RoadtoChampionship:

810FEF8E 4368
810FEF90 616D
810FEF92 7069
810FEF94 6F6E
810FEF96 7368
810FEF98 6970
810FEF9A 2332

Long Codes:
Spoiler: click to toggle:
This is very interesting stuff. Hell of a first post.
Thanks Keson, I was just figuring out my way around making Gameshark codes yesterday just so I could make these changes to WM2000.

I've updated the original post with short versions of the codes, thanks to S.K. Stylez for explaining just how to do that to me.
Very cool and nice first contribution from you buddy.
This is awesome man! well done!

I wonder what you are making....

if ever i wanted a code it would be the custom Tag Team entrance possibility... looking fwd to seeing your stuff!

[Image: u9MkvCa.png]
What's the point with Battle Royal codes?
yosoyjk2 Wrote:{ Oct 3 2016, 08:15:58 PM } - What's the point with Battle Royal codes?

I don't think this particular code affects gameplay, it just changes the text from Royal Rumble to Battle Royal.
Warned that old-thread-bumping jerk

[Image: FDfpfHU.png]
Jerk? Wow, you are so tough! The Japanese cartoons gave that away. Gonna say something stupid to me, too? I know you want to, jerk.
I called him a jerk for questioning the purpose of an actually useful code, you fucking moron.

Goodbye, asshole. You never contributed shit, anyway.

[Image: FDfpfHU.png]
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