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Showdown 64
I've started on the text already, I'm going to look into doing a cool-ass background as well and the interface should be complete Smile
Sounds great to me,played Triple Threat and i think it would've been an amazing mod if CBV ever decided to complete it.

Good luck on this one!
Triple Threat save is not working evreything looks like a mixed between the old and new no mercy u know like the textures are messed up but the thing is i have done evreything checked to have load all textures + i replaced the files from wwf no mercy to the plugins and it is still not working wtf am i doing wrong?i fking love the roster of this save i looked into the wrestlers textures i need help ty :D
What version of Project 64? As I said, it's only compatible with 1.7 or higher.

All you need to do is move the textures to the texture file (make sure it's labeled "WWF No Mercy"), the save file in the proper place and the cheats.
oh pj 1.7 thank you i did not knew that i am such an idiotSad
Download Project 64 2.1 from their official site, it's completely free. Wink

i got 1.7
why dose it say when i get 2.1 illegal download atempt?WHAT THE FUCK?:d
PJ64 site is having that problem for a long time,try downloading from CoolRom or other site. (I hope saying a name of a Illegal site is not a problem).
First post updated with a link to the working demo. Creator's kit will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow.

We promised 11 playable wrestlers but included Andre as a bonus:

[Image: PWo1WTc.png]

Let's get this party started.

Creator's kit V 1.0 added to the first post. A creator's kit will be assembled for arenas, but it will only be distributed via permission through pms.
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