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Rice Plugin Does Not Appear - Smania95 - 05-28-2019

Hi everyone, I am having an issue with the Ultimate WCW Starrcade 64 installer package, the issue is that the rice plugin required for this mod to work does not appear selectable from the list of plugins despite choosing the correct directory for the plugin. For the life of me, I cannot figure out why it is not appearing as a choice

I read the comment section of the installer thread and it seems others are having this issue too so any advice would be appreciated on the topic, thanks!

RE: Rice Plugin Does Not Appear - KWG - 05-28-2019

[Image: F8fOmmD.png]

Try changing the plugin option to wherever your plugin folder is, after that restart Project 64 and see if it works. Keep in mind to have Project 64 set to "Windows 7" compatibility mode on newer versions of Windows, if you're using Rice or Mudlord's Rice, and run PJ64 in admin mode if you can.