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MMA women hack wanted or advice - akiman3001 - 05-25-2019

So No Mercy doesn't allow women to have shaved head and or proper dreads for hair I've been in deep search trying to find a code that will fix this and or if I could just find a code to change male skinny body 01 or 02 or Hbk to that of a womens.Im attempting to make a mass amount of mempaks full of mma and other outside of wwe caws with movesets and then set in on the modding of there attires aki style at first  Smile  First fighter I started with Rose namajunas and already ran into this issue.                                                                                                                                                                                                            oh yeah and one more request kind of easy for a good hacker is making some select weak strikes to have knockout power.Thank you to all who see this