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  WWE Universe 2010
Posted by: KWG - 10-14-2019, 03:08 AM - Forum: Full Game Conversions - No Replies

[Image: SNfDrC3.png]

Quite an obscure save by Old Skool Reunion founder AKI Man/tnafan, it's a hacked CAW conversion/save based around late 2010's WWE roster, including the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Edge, Chris Jericho, Undertaker, Nexus and even NXT Season 2 contestants! Popular Alumni/Legends like Batista, the nWo and a few others also are a part of the roster. If you feel nostalgic about 2010, this might be the save for you!

Original post by tnafan, with instructions on how to play:


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  Original 01 Trunks Including Lower Back & Stomach
Posted by: Wolfpac_69 - 08-21-2019, 05:55 PM - Forum: Misc. Hacks - No Replies

Made this for a Harley Race mod.. Like alot of the legends he wore trunks that came up on to the stomach and lower back

Obviously if your texturing this can be mimicked BUT with this code you won't have to dump textures that aren't necessary.

8104C024 1826
8104C026 1826

[Adds Rikishi's stomach texture to Original 01 stomach and lower back]

[Image: b0dtZVU.png]

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  Kickout if pins not selected in rules.
Posted by: XMC - 08-17-2019, 04:27 PM - Forum: Misc. Hacks - No Replies

This code is simple.

You'll kick out of every pinfall automatically when in a match where pinfalls are not part of the winning parameters (royal rumbles, ect)
D00931DB 0001
D115AEC6 0045
8115AF64 0000
D00931DB 0001
D115B21E 0045
8115B2BC 0000
D00931DB 0001
D115B576 0045
8115B614 0000
D00931DB 0001
D115B8CE 0045
8115B96C 0000
D00931DB 0001
D115AEC6 004B
8115AF64 0000
D00931DB 0001
D115B21E 004B
8115B2BC 0000
D00931DB 0001
D115B576 004B
8115B614 0000
D00931DB 0001
D115B8CE 004B
8115B96C 0000

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  Looking for some help
Posted by: AndThatsTheBottomLine - 08-16-2019, 09:45 PM - Forum: Help - No Replies

I'm new to this so before I get to the questions, here is a few details so you know where i'm going with this.
  • I have just learned how to change textures and I was looking to learn some more advanced things.
  • So I made a texture for Kurt angle for when he removes his straps from his shoulders before doing his finisher like in day of reckoning 2
so here are my questions, in No mercy, you know how Mankind pulls out Mr.Socko and it is active for the entire match until it is over? 

Is there any way I can make a similar code that works like that but backwards for an example Kurt Angle's attire change to a specific attire during a match when I activate a certain taunt or a move set?

Same goes for when I choose The Rock and use The People's elbow, whatever is on his right arm auto switches to none at a certain frame of the move? Until the match is over?

I thought this would be a cool idea since i recently took a trip down to memory lane playing day of reckoning 2. I looked everywhere on different forums but couldn't find anything

If this is possible, what tools would I need to get started?

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  WWE No Mercy N64 Revived A I gigapixel Texture Pack from Gaming Revived
Posted by: BlackJesus420 - 08-09-2019, 10:33 AM - Forum: WWF No Mercy - Replies (3)

N64 ReVived Texture Project using A.I. GigaPixel. 150 Games texture dumped and upscaled to 512 dimensions, and Enhanced to HTC format .

from the creator at https://discord.gg/Ss4z7NG
I heard about a program called TopazGigaPixel that helps to Upscale, and Enhance textures using A.I. interpolation. The results were very stunning on all N64 games. Some of the best results were the "RARE" games. I ended up-scaling over 150 games in the last 2 months and up-scaled all the textures to a 512x dimension. As we know most N64 textures range from 32x,64,128 so I ended up using 512 for best results. I had to keep the file sizes and texture packs to a fair minimum without running into errors even with project 64 large address aware. Some games with smaller texture packs I up-scaled to 1080p like Turok and Mario64 with nice results but didn't look any better then the 512 versions. This whole project started when I wanted to texture MOD Perfect Dark and I stumbled upon Gigapixel and ended up texture packing up 100 games in full HD glory. The results are night and Day and brings the N64 into the modern era without all the blurry textures from 20+ years ago. I highly recommend people to Dump there own textures and purchase A.I. Gigapixel and see what kind of results the community can come up with. The potential for some very interesting texture packs could be made. This texture pack project was based on ONLY enhancing the original assets. This project does not include any ROMS and this texture project is only shared freely. Btw the HTC files work excellent in RetroArch using Mupen64-Next "Core" most recent release. They also work obviously in Project64 and Mupen64plus using GlideN64 3.0 or GlideN64 4.0. Here's a List of Games Completed so far. 1080, Aerogauge, Armorines, Banjo Tooie, Baanjo Kazooie, BassMasters, BattleTaanx, Beetle Adventure, Biofreaks, California Speed, Conkers Bad Fur Day, Crusin USA, Crusin World, Destruction Derby, Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong 64, ExciteBike64, Extreme G 1&2, Fighters Destiny 2, Fighting Force64, F-ZeroX, GoldenEye64, HotWheels Turbo, Hybrid Heaven, Hydro Thunder, Track & Feild, Jeopardy, Jetforce Gemini, Ken Griffy, Lode Runner, Mace, MarioKart64, Midways Vol1, Mickey Racing, Micro Machines, Milos Astro, Mission Impossible, Mortal Kombat 4, Nagano Olympics, NBA Courtside, NFL Blitz 2001, NHL 99, SuperOffroad, Olympic Hockey, Paperboy, Penny Racers, Perfect Dark, PilotWings64, Pokemon Snap, Puzzle League, Quake64, Rayman 2, Re-volt, Ridge Racer, Road Rash, Rocket Robot, Rogue Squadron, Rush 1,2,3, Scars, Shadow of the Empire, Sin & Punishment, Smash Brothers, Snowboard Kids 1&2, South PArk Rally, Space Invaders, Star Wars Racer, Star Fox64, Mario64, Superman, Tetrisphere, Zelda Ocarina, Zelda Majoras, Tom and Jerry, Tony Hawk 1, Top Gear overdrive, Turok 1, 007 World is not enough. Twisted Edge, Vigilante 8, Virtual Pool, Virtual Chess, V-Rally, War Gods, Wave Race64, Wetrix, Wheel of Fortune, Winback, Wipeout64, Wrestlemania 2000, WWF No Mercy, and Xena + more. Long Live the N64!

The video must be watched in 1080p to see the difference. i created a video without comparisons in HD. This texture pack does make a huge difference when playing this game.

The dev has a wrestlemania 2000 texture pack as well. hopefully, he can do the rest of the aki series.

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  WWE 2004/2005/2006
Posted by: Johncem1234 - 08-06-2019, 01:00 PM - Forum: Help - No Replies

Hello Guys, someone have WWF No Mercy Mod from 2004/2005/2006? (Ruthless Agression Era)

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  Damage based on Spirit/Attitude difference between players
Posted by: AKIFan1998 - 07-29-2019, 06:23 AM - Forum: General VPW Games Discussion - No Replies

This is pretty interesting. Well, sort of. As you all probably know, the bigger the difference in you and your opponent's Spirit/Attitude, the more damage will be dealt to the opponent that has the much lower amount of Spirit/Attitude. This caught me off guard, because I thought the additional amount of damage dealt from this was using a multiplier, but to my surprise it does not. It just gives you additional points of damage, being up to 5 (8 if you go far beyond your spirit's normal limits). I tested this out in Revenge using a couple of different moves.

Let's say 1P's spirit is B6 (182; extremely close to flashing red) and 2P's spirit is 5A (90; extremely close to "danger!"). The difference is 5C (or 92), so 1P will deal 5 additional points of damage to 2P (The Scoop Slam will go from dealing 10 damage to 15, The Running Elbow Smash will go from dealing 18 damage to 23).

Now let's say 1P's spirit is A1 (161; spirit meter is yellow), while 2P's is 73 (115; spirit meter is cyan). The difference here is 2E (or 46), which is half of the previous example's difference. 5 divided by 2 = 2.5, but in hexadecimal, anything after the decimal point is negligible, so the amount of additional points of damage given will be 2.

As expected, this also stacks with the damage difference multiplier.

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  In-game attributes modifier code for WCW/nWo Revenge
Posted by: AKIFan1998 - 07-25-2019, 02:19 AM - Forum: General VPW Games Discussion - No Replies

WWF WrestleMania 2000 and WWF No Mercy have the in-game attributes modifier codes, but WCW/nWo Revenge doesn't seem to have one (or at the very least, I cannot find a code for it). Does anybody know where to find the code, or is able to make one up?

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  Wolfpac_69's Attire Hacking Tutorial
Posted by: Wolfpac_69 - 07-22-2019, 08:34 PM - Forum: Tutorials and Resources - Replies (1)

~ Contents ~

- Part 1: Basic Texture Swapping
 - Part 2: Basic Poly Swapping

~ Brief Overview ~

In this guide i will attempt to cover all aspects to how to create a brand new attire\look for your chosen wrestler.

'Attire hacking is one of the best ways to make your chosen wrestler look more accurate and in some instances bespoke. In this particular guide the options are limited due to the number of available attire shapes but still awesome none the less. There is nothing fancy or over complicated about creating these hacks but in my opinion they are the best\easiest to start with when you are learning the basics about altering the games memory.
The two main aspects we will be looking at are Texture and Poly swapping and maybe at the end some more advanced stuff.'

The common denominator in attire alterations are the pattern\order the attires follow, The textures and polys both use up to 18 lines to make up there respective set and they as a rule run in this order:

Right Side of the Trunks
Left Side of the Trunks
Lower Back
Upper Back
Upper Left Arm
Lower Left Arm
Upper Left Leg
Lower Left Leg
Upper Right Arm
Lower Right Arm
Upper Right Leg
Lower Right Leg
Back of the Head/Neck
Front of the Head/Face
Shape of the Extra


~ Part 1 -  Basic Texture Swapping ~


Example 1: Faces
[Adding Bigshow's unused face]

There are various ways to bring the texture back to the game which will be described in a future topic BUT for now there is a simple texture swap we can do you bring him back into the game.

For this example I'm going to replace Male Face 1 [The Rock]

Male 1 [The Rock]
8104D2F4 1D72

Big Show - Not Selectable
8104D2FA 1D78

All you have to do is alter the last 4 digits of the code from one to the other so in this instance...

Value 1D72 becomes 1D78

[Image: LkPvl8y.png]
Male 1
8104D2F4 1D72

[Image: nEsz8b2.png]
Male 1
8104D2F4 1D78

Final code is:

8104D2F4 1D78

Easy as that a simple swap reintroduces Bigshow's face back in to the game this can be applied to other areas of the body like adding extra tattoos for example. If you search hard enough you might find some hidden gems in the memory to like intro faces for certain people...

[Image: dBhfkWS.png]

This was achieved by altering 1D78 to 1E81 again what has been found is listed. I think this maybe the [In Ring Intro Taunt] face???

Example 2: Attires
[Altering different sections of specific attires]

Exactly the same principal as the above this is achieved by simply swapping values to create a new look again the benefit could be unmirroring a certain parts of the chosen attire or adding something completely new to it. Here is another set of examples

I'm going to unmirror Short-Tights which can be found here:

8104BE04 1806
8104BE06 1806

This is the full code set that makes up that particular attire following the above guide on how the order works you will see the first two lines have identical values, As it stands if you intended to dump this attire to texture over you would only get 1 texture that would serve for both sides of the tights.

[Image: wrSFj44.jpg]

[Image: 1WK3xpU.jpg]

Finished code
Unmirrored Short-Tight
8104BE04 1808

All that was done here same as the Bigshow's face i altered the value of the 'Right Side of the Trunk's from 1806 to 1808.
You also might notice the rest of the code for the Short-Tights there are no values at all these are unused slots represented in the memory as 0000 [Skin Tight\No Texture] that you could add some values to, Here is another example.

I'm going to add some values to the lower back & stomach so it looks like he is taped up. Referring again to the attire order list the 3rd and 4th lines are what need values.


values for taped up upper body are found here:

8104BE08 258B Stomach
8104BE0A 258F Lower Back

[Image: 0dqU1vy.jpg]
Success this combo will only show up now for Short-Tights

Final Code

Short-Tights\Unmirrored & Taped Up
8104BE04 1808
8104BE08 258B
8104BE0A 258F
More to come with this Smile

~ Part 2 - Basic Poly Swapping ~

These are a bit more complex to create as the full map of addresses and values have yet to be listed on the forum BUT i will show you how to find what you are looking for. The polys for the attires still run it the same order as before
Right Side of the Trunks
Left Side of the Trunks
Lower Back
Upper Back
Upper Left Arm
Lower Left Arm
Upper Left Leg
Lower Left Leg
Upper Right Arm
Lower Right Arm
Upper Right Leg
Lower Right Leg
Back of the Head/Neck
Front of the Head/Face
Shape of the Extra

Only difference is the addresses and values change per body type so just ensure you are editing the correct body type before attempting this.

Example 1: JTG's Pants
[Image: Vm796IJ.png]

As you can see part of the pants are cut off creating a skin tight look, For this tutorial I'm going to recreate this look.

First i need to pick what I'm going to hack over [Keep in mind once a body type as been hacked the original attire shape will be gone for good]
I'm going make this hack over Viscera's attire.

[Image: 63jb9Dq.jpg]

These polys have already been listed here:

In the event you want to hack something that isn't listed on the forum here is how you find them...

Open Nemu64, then go to Plugins - Debugger: Dump Memory

Enter your start address (base address) 800XXXXX
Enter your end address
Select a file name and where to save
Select format 16 bit Hex Data
When searching, note that the addresses start with 80 and not 81.
You will need to change them to 81 for your code to work properly.

Dump the values.

Every address and value between the two you entered will be dumped.
Open the file in Notepad.
Save the file as a text document.
You can usually spot the attires by the pattern of numbers and where they repeat. Each attire has its own set of code made up of anywhere between 14 to 18 lines.

OK now we have are Addys and Values we can get hacking there are a couple ways to achieve this look for JTG but i will show you the easiest until your ready to dive in a bit deeper.

I'm going to hack the skinny body type
[Viscera Skinny Body Type Polys]
8004AA90: 174D
8004AA92: 1750
8004AA94: 174C
8004AA96: 174F
8004AA98: 174B
8004AA9A: 174E
8004AA9C: 162E
8004AA9E: 162F
8004AAA0: 1751
8004AAA2: 0000
8004AAA4: 1630
8004AAA6: 1631
8004AAA8: 1753
8004AAAA: 0000

this is what the code should look like when you dump it, It is current in 8bit format we need it to be 16 bit so alter the first 2 digits of the addresses from 800 to 810 like so i will also break the code down so you can see what is what...

8104AA90 174D Right Side of the Trunks
8104AA92 1750 Left Side of the Trunks
8104AA94 174C Stomach
8104AA96 174F Lower Back
8104AA98 174B Chest
8104AA9A 174E Upper Back
8104AA9C 162E Upper Left Arm
8104AA9E 162F Lower Left Arm
8104AAA0 1751 Upper Left Leg
8104AAA2 0000 Lower Left Leg *SKIN TIGHT VALUE 0000
8104AAA4 1630 Upper Right Arm
8104AAA6 1631 Lower Right Arm
8104AAA8 1753 Upper Right Leg
8104AAAA 0000 Lower Right Leg *SKIN TIGHT VALUE 0000

We now need addys and values for set of pants I'm going to use HBK's Intro gear as they have already been dumped which can be found here:

HBK Entrance Attire [Skinny Body Type Polys]

8104BB00 12BC Right Side of the Trunks
8104BB02 12BD Left Side of the Trunks
8104BB04 0000
8104BB06 0000
8104BB08 0000
8104BB0A 0000
8104BB0C 0000
8104BB0E 0000
8104BB10 12BE Upper Left Leg
8104BB12 12BF Lower Left Leg
8104BB14 0000
8104BB16 0000
8104BB18 12C0 Upper Right Leg
8104BB1A 12C1 Lower Right Leg
8104BB1C 0000
8104BB1E 0000
8104BB20 0000
8104BB22 0000

Spot the pattern Yet? all the 0000 are skin tight and the addys with values are creating the desired shape so now all we have to do is move the values over from HBK to Viscera like so

8104AA90 12BC
8104AA92 12BD
8104AA94 0000
8104AA96 0000
8104AA98 0000
8104AA9A 0000
8104AA9C 0000
8104AA9E 0000
8104AAA0 12BE
8104AAA2 0000*
8104AAA4 0000
8104AAA6 0000
8104AAA8 12C0
8104AAAA 12C1

The part marked * is the Lower Left Leg the value is still 0000 to make it skin tight as we have made any changes to it that line is not required for our code

8104AA90 12BC
8104AA92 12BD
8104AA94 0000
8104AA96 0000
8104AA98 0000
8104AA9A 0000
8104AA9C 0000
8104AA9E 0000
8104AAA0 12BE
8104AAA4 0000
8104AAA6 0000
8104AAA8 12C0
8104AAAA 12C1

[Image: ohfi3fU.jpg]

Success our new shape as been created from here we just uses the skills we learnt in the Texture Swapping section to get the look correct

Visceras texture addys can be found on this list:

Viscera Texture Default Addys
8104C824 1A52
8104C826 1A58
8104C828 1A50
8104C82A 1A56
8104C82C 1A4E
8104C82E 1A54
8104C830 1A5A
8104C832 1A5C
8104C834 1A5E
8104C836 1A60
8104C83A 1A5A
8104C83C 1A5C
8104C83E 1A64
8104C840 1A66
8104C844 1A4C
8104C846 0001

[Image: pFC9Dtr.jpg]

AND.... We are done here Smile

Final Code

JTG\Pants [Replaces Viscera Attire Skinny Body Only]
8104AA90 12BC
8104AA92 12BD
8104AA94 0000
8104AA96 0000
8104AA98 0000
8104AA9A 0000
8104AA9C 0000
8104AA9E 0000
8104AAA0 12BE
8104AAA4 0000
8104AAA6 0000
8104AAA8 12C0
8104AAAA 12C1
8104C824 1CD6
8104C826 1CD8
8104C828 0000
8104C82A 0000
8104C82C 0000
8104C82E 0000
8104C830 0000
8104C832 0000
8104C834 1CDA
8104C836 1CDC
8104C83A 0000
8104C83C 0000
8104C83E 19E6
8104C840 19E8
8104C844 0000
8104C846 0000

In the next part i will cover adding additional Polys\Textures to specific attires.. Stay Tuned! Wink

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Posted by: barskio - 07-19-2019, 07:18 PM - Forum: Full Game Conversions - Replies (7)


Adam Page
Billy Gunn
Brandon Cutler
Chris Jericho
Christopher Daniels
Chuck Taylor
Darby Allin
Dustin Rhodes
Evil Uno
Frankie Kazarian
Isiah Kassidy
Jack Evans
Jimmy Havoc
Joey Janela
Jon Moxley
Jungle Boy
Kenny Omega
Kip Sabian
Marq Quen
Matt Jackson
Nick Jackson
Pentagón Jr.
Peter Avalon
Rey Fénix
Sammy Guevara
Scorpio Sky
Shawn Spears
Sonny Kiss
Stu Grayson
Trent Beretta




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