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  JordyAD's UnMirrored Boots Code
Posted by: Orson - 05-25-2020, 03:01 PM - Forum: Attire Hacks - No Replies

This code is of course for use with projects using non-hacked Roms.
Thanks to JordyAD for his help and for creating the code in the first place. Amazing.
Also thanks to Chuckiepk for his advice.

Originally made for medium body shape, but we have since found that it also works for some other body shapes.

I've updated the code to fix a bunch of things. They now work In Ring, during Entrances, Back Stage, in Cage and Ladder Matches and in Menus.
I think this covers all circumstances, but if anyone notices things being out of place elsewhere, please let me know and I will try and fix.

Base Code: -


Wrestler Specific Parts: -
(Put your Wrestler Specific value into the gaps)


In Ring

Back Stage

Cage Match

Ladder Match

Smackdown Mall

Select Screen

If you use this for more than one Wrestler, you only need to add the Wrestler Specific parts each time.
You don't need to add the 8 polygon parts again - these should only be listed in your cheats once.

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  No 1 Assignment help in Australia
Posted by: maxwillor - 05-25-2020, 11:57 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

Myassignmenthelpau specializes in willingness to learn, which is our biggest competitive advantage and transforms learning into quick practice. We take care of all the student's Assignment help in Australia; homework aid needs and they have the best advice to tackle the tasks, which is an immense help for them to move ahead with their studies.

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Wink arena request
Posted by: raziel - 05-18-2020, 04:20 PM - Forum: Arena - No Replies

i am looking for some of this if someone can help

armageddom 2007 
no way out
backlash 2008

also if someone have the wwf no mercy mod 2009hd to upload will be great


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  Additional Hat Selection for Male Body Type
Posted by: randymanfoo - 05-17-2020, 11:27 PM - Forum: Attire Hacks - No Replies

New Hat for Male Wrestler

D114F61A F74C
D11502DC 8E71
D11502DE 0008
801502E0 0008
D114F61A F74C
D1150344 7400
D0150346 0002
80150346 0001
8004A0E6 0006

Will appear under Hat/Caps selection in the SDM labeled "Trish Hat". The code above is shaped to the backwards hat from the entrance attire selection.

Change the value of the last line to change the shape.
8004A0E6 000x

0000 - Triple H hat
0001 - Austin hat
0002 - Scotty hat
0003- Bandana (skin tight)
0004 - Grandmaster
0005 - Trish Hat DON'T USE, Will look like ass or lock up.
0006 - Backwards hat
0007 - Godfather hat
0008 - Jim Ross Hat

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  Speed up game
Posted by: RayPeter - 05-16-2020, 01:49 PM - Forum: Help - No Replies

Hello everyone, is there any way I can get a code to speed up the game,? 4 man matches really lag a lot on my PC
Any help will be appreciated

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  Braun Strowman Over Austin (With Master Moves & Finisher)
Posted by: CuckRusev - 05-13-2020, 10:00 PM - Forum: Moveset Replacement - No Replies

Braun Strowman

81320A80 0180
81320A82 9010
81320A84 070D
81320A86 61B0
81320A88 3E87
81320A8A 7001
81320A8C 87A0
81320A8E 1906
81320A90 D02E
81320A92 02C0
81320A94 8C02
81320A96 1847
81320A9A 9907
81320A9C C1C0
81320A9E 201D
81320AA0 0160
81320AA2 3C03
81320AA4 0208
81320AA6 1600
81320AA8 0058
81320AAA 1406
81320AAC 0200
81320AAE E81D
81320AB0 0381
81320AB2 4C10
81320AB4 0404
81320AB6 0302
81320AB8 0300
81320ABA F0B4
81320ABC 4D02
81320AC0 2041
81320AC6 0040
81320AC8 40C0
81320ACA 4080
81320ACC 0A00
81320ACE 0001
81320AD0 6020
81320AD2 6041
81320AD4 01A0
81320AD8 0282
81320ADA 9823
81320ADC 8248
81320ADE 3682
81320AE2 80C0
81320AE4 2808
81320AE6 01B0
81320AE8 1C02
81320AEA A09C
81320AEC 0D43
81320AEE D016
81320AF0 1843
81320AF2 A85F
81320AF4 03C0
81320AF6 2081
81320AF8 0020
81320AFA 8180
81320AFC C028
81320AFE 2707
81320B00 00C0
81320B02 4040
81320B06 0540
81320B08 109C
81320B0A 1288
81320B0C 1580
81320B0E 3203
81320B10 E080
81320B12 0A06
81320B14 0884
81320B16 A009
81320B18 0302
81320B1C 6041
81320B22 0701
81320B24 0020
81320B26 8010
81320B28 1005
81320B2A 0200
81320B2C 0202
81320B2E 1010
81320B30 0818
81320B34 0082
81320B36 007D
81320B38 6058
81320B3A D360
81320B3C 00D1
81320B3E 10D1
81320B40 50D1
81320B42 9003
81320B44 058C
81320B46 0246
81320B48 0204
81320B4A 8203
81320B4C 8008
81320B4E 8080
81320B50 016D
81320B52 8110
81320B54 9440

Replaces: Steve Austin

Master Moves
Tilt a Whirl Driver Over Dominator
8104474A 0D5E

81044F10 34A8
810447F6 0B36
81044C7E 1658
81044654 0C6E

Includes a standing Back Body Flip
and running Bradshaw Hammer.

Here's how Braun uses the moves.

I made this with WldFb's moveset editor
so the code can fit even on 1.6.

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Smile WWF No Mercy Borisov Texture Archive 2000 - 2007
Posted by: Negan2 - 05-10-2020, 11:00 PM - Forum: Wrestler - Replies (3)

This is almost everything what i have from OLD THE NoMercyZone. Some of the mods i dont know who is the owner so i hope no body will be offendet! Enjoy to my archive guys! If someone have something more form this awesome years POST IT HERE so we can save the people's legacy! I think i have couple mods more somewhere on my pc but i'll try to add them soon!  Cheers Everybody from BorisovTheLion.

Andre The Giant
Batista Aki Style
Batista - DdeamonX V2 
Batista - DdemonX 
Batista - Opusdream 
Batista - SAIKO 
Batista - Tony 
Batista - FPD
Big Show Aki Style - D-Fox 
Big Show - The_Juice 
Bobby Lashley - SAIKO 
Brock Lesnar - SAIKO 
Chris Benoit - Ad1987 
Chris Benoit - SAIKO 
Chris Benoit 
Chris Jericho - Ad1987  
Chris Jericho - The_Juice 
Chris Jericho - D-Fox 
Christian - Ad1987 
Christian - Kusenkdogg 
CM Punk - The_juice 
DX - HBK and HHH - Opusdream 
Edge - Saiko 
Gregory Helms 
Gregory Helms 
Hulk Hogan - Nike the Bike 
JBL - Damplo 
Jeff Hardy 
Jimmy Snuka 
John Cena 
John Cena Aki Style 
Kane - Saiko 
Kurt Angle - SAIKO 
Kurt Angle - D-fox 
L.O.D. - Triplem & Maniac1075 
London & Kendrick - Saiko 
London - CMX
MVP - Don Tonberrys 
Mark Henry - Saiko 
Matt Hardy - D-Fox 
Matt Hardy - Opusdream 
Michael Cole - Undertaker666 
Randy Orton Aki Style 
Randy Orton - Berlin Indians 
Randy Orton - Close422 
Randy Orton - Saiko 
Randy Orton - Damplo 
Raven - The_Juice 
Rey Mysterio - Damplo 
Rey Mysterio - Opusdream 
Ric Flair - Ad1987 
Ric Flair - SAIKO 
RVD - Tony 
RVD - D-Fox 
Sabu - Saiko 
Scott Steiner  
Scotty 2 Hotty - D-Fox 
HBK - D-Fox 
Snitsky - Rudi 
Spirit Squad - Saiko 
Stone Cold Steve Austin - Saiko 
The Rock - Saiko 
The Undertaker - Saiko 
The Undertaker - FPD
Trevor Murdoch - Damplo 
Triple H Aki Style 
Triple H - Damplo 
Triple H - Tony 
Triple H 
Umaga and Armando Alejandro Estrada - Opusdream 
Vito - The_Juice 

No Mercy Saves
ECW Barely Legal 
The Game Mod 
WWE Summerslam - The_Juice

More Google Sites with more Texture mods:
Borisov No Mercy Archive 
Ebilbryan No Mercy Archive 
Ebilbryan 2 No Mercy Archive
Willstay2k No Mercy Archive 
Ttikko No Mercy Archive 
Ttikko 2 No Mercy Archive 
Ttikko 3 No Mercy Archive 
Lord Raptor - No Mercy Archive

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Photo Championship Story Modes - Maps / Walkthroughs
Posted by: Orson - 05-10-2020, 09:05 PM - Forum: Tutorials and Resources - Replies (1)

I've mapped the walkthroughs for each Championship Story Mode.
There are walkthroughs already available on the net (not many), but I made sure these are more accurate and more concise.

Playing the Championship Story Modes: -

During the playthroughs, there are times when the stipulations are incorrect. I have corrected those on the maps.
Also, the paths are sometimes inaccurate; for example, it might say "Win or lose, the story will progress accordingly", when actually, you must score a win to proceed and a loss causes a fail.
Or vice versa, where it might say you must win to proceed, but a loss can actually branch to elsewhere.

I saved in high definition so you can print them out at any reasonable size for your scribbling needs.

Zip file containing the HD maps: -

Championship Story Mode Maps / Walkthroughs HD

These have been uploaded in a lower res for the sake of the Forum. If you want the larger versions, download the .zip file.
Also, if you notice any mistakes I have made, let me know and I will update them.

[Image: 2Fbe5FZ.jpg]

[Image: C48Tamx.jpg]

[Image: TQbaH2d.jpg]

[Image: NfbiMNF.jpg]

[Image: p72ArMU.jpg]

[Image: OMPwPJg.jpg]

[Image: aWMIN8y.jpg]

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  Single Texture For EACH Background
Posted by: CuckRusev - 05-10-2020, 08:52 PM - Forum: Help - No Replies

The start screen code is sent from God.
Just like the game WWF No Mercy.

Only problem with the code is that it's so good I personally a code just like it for specifically for the Player Select screen and the SD Mall screens.

I actually released a background screen I think it's in the OSR archives.

Here's how it looks. Some folks used it so I feel proud.
But if anybody can help I'd appreciate it.

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Wink Community Glossary
Posted by: KWG - 05-09-2020, 02:51 AM - Forum: Nextwave 64 Essentials - Replies (3)

It's something that has been on my mind for a while. An open to suggestions and debates, universal glossary for the benefit of newcomers, and those who aren't too sure what word to use. As this implies, feel free to object to and debate over a words meaning, what should be added, removed, etc.

Cheat Codes - Cheat codes are achieved by modifying the game's data while it is running. These methods of cheating are often less reliable than cheat codes included in a game by its creators (easter eggs, and such). This is due to the fact that certain programming styles or quirks of internal game logic, different release versions of a game, or even using the same game at different times or on different hardware, may result in different memory usage and hence the trainer program might have no effect, or stop the game from running altogether (crashes). Those usually look like this for Nintendo 64: XXYYYYYY ZZZZ.


Gameshark - GameShark is the brand name of a line of video game cheat cartridges and other products for a variety of console video game systems. One of those was N64, and as you can guess, this community of customizing the AKI games was heavily built around codes created on the Gameshark days.

Texture / Graphic - Usually refer to an image file, which contains an image essential to the game. Along with models, makes the visuals you see in the game, be it arenas, characters, or anything else visual. Here's an excellent article on face textures by Freem.

Texture Mod - The modification to the aforementioned textures. When one uses an image editor to either improve a texture or outright replace it with something new. Be it a new character, or something else, as long as it's a visual change. Usually requires emulators and their enhancements, although the recent breakthroughs in Rom Hacking change that. Here's an excellent article on face textures by Freem.

Texture Pack - A texture pack is a collection of files that were used to change the visuals of characters, arenas, backgrounds and even the UI. As the name implies, a pack of texture mods. Usually can be located on the emulator's main folder, or in the plugin, GFX folder.

Move Hacks - A cheat code or rom hacked animation (not available to the public yet) that intends on mixing 2 or more in-game animations to create a new wrestling move. Same concept applies to taunt hacks.

Projects - A Full Game Conversion, be it a rom hack compatible with the N64, or a compilation of cheat codes and texture packs for emulators. Those usually have a theme (for example, Showdown 64's theme is to have a "all-time roster", as complete as it could, until 2016, while WCW Feel The Bang's theme is just to simulate the possibility of a new AKI WCW game).


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