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Name: Showdown 64 - Installer Package
Category: Full Game Conversions
Submitted by: KWG
Downloads: 720
Views: 6387
Version: 6.0
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Average rating: 5
[Image: 2lcr4ol.gif]

[Image: 2vlw1mu.png]

Original Concept: CBV/Anyone who ever played a wresting game
Arenas created by Fofo, SLX, and El Guapo, skin/attire bases by Keson/El Guapo and Orson/Icco/CM/ALanchiz
Soldiers of Showdown:
* Keson * TSF * jcsix * WolfPac_69 * kingkanyon * Victor * Stalker * baal666 * Rain * SLX * Fofo * El Guapo* Robb420 * Jordyad*

Instructions and Downloads

1. Using the Setup:

2. Bug Fixes (For Version 6.0):


Wolfpac_69's Arena Pack (30 STAGES OF HELL):


Showdown 64 is powered by parts and hacks made by the following (awesome) modders/hackers (list is incomplete for hacks, still a WIP):

WldFb, CM, D2A, HaloOverHead, TSF., pmomo2006, dnewgrounds, Gray Plague, alanchiz, matjetfan, hlr, king bros, ronaldrain, wwefan4life2, barskio, jcsix, El Guapo, Icco, Orson, h.l.r., king kanyon, Deka_Knight, AJSim, Super Luigi, nWo mark, Victor, gaz, Wolf_Pac69, tarun_tikkoo, undertaker666, Shane, Lightning, the_Juice, Dochappy, Chuckiepk, and Keson.

Installer by KWG

Click Down Here to Download the Installer!

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12-03-2019, 12:38 AM
@Luke Ugly Click "View download link(s)" and copy the link you get to a new tab on your browser.

After that, come back to this page and follow the "1. Using the Setup" tutorial here.

12-01-2019, 04:18 PM
I'm new to this but I grew up on wwf no mercy! I'm not sure how to download showdown 64 I'm having a hard time figuring all this out lol
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